About CPRI

Central Power Research Institute (CPRI) set up in 1960 by the Government of India, functions as a National organization for applied research in power sector and also serves as an independent laboratory for testing and certification of power equipment. CPRI is a member of STL (Short Circuit Testing Liaison) of Europe and is accredited by M/s ASTA of UK. CPRI also provides consultancy services on various facets of power sector. CPRI has expertise in the area of simulation, diagnostics, system analysis and testing. CPRI laboratories have modern equipment needed for power system simulation, short circuit testing, diagnostics of equipment, materials engineering, Seismic qualification etc.

UHV Research Laboratory of CPRI at Hyderabad was established in 1993 to undertake research on electro-technical, biological effect of UHV and also to undertake high voltage testing of equipment rated up to 1200 kV AC. The laboratory has successfully tested many 1200 kV and 765 kV transmission systems equipment viz. Instrument Transformers, Switchgear and Insulators. A ±1200 kV / 200 mA DC Generator has been added to the existing facilities to undertake HVDC transmission line research and dielectric DC voltage testing of equipment rated up to ±800 kV DC system. A doubly shielded indoor UHV laboratory with independent 1200 kV / 2A AC source with associated test and measuring equipment is established to undertake partial discharge, Corona, RIV, capacitance and tan delta measurement, accuracy measurements, etc. tests for all equipment rated up to 765kV system. Transformer oil test laboratory, Light Emitting Diode (LED) test facility and tower testing station at UHVRL Hyderabad are in advanced stage of completion.